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Bay Area’s premier Chinese chamber ensemble since 1993

As the leading San Francisco-based Chinese chamber ensemble founded in 1993, the musicians of Melody of China come together to deliver captivating performances and enriching experiences through an exciting blend of traditional Chinese music, western music, and cross-genre works. Led by Artistic Director Yangqin Zhao on the hammered dulcimer, Melody of China’s performances have reached international stages, world music festivals, residencies, and collaboration projects with renowned artists and composers from around the world.

Melody of China instrumentations is comprised of the Chinese traditional instruments: yangqin (hammered dulcimer), guzheng (zither), erhu (two-stringed fiddle), pipa (lute), sheng (mouth organ), dizi (bamboo flute), Chinese percussions and other instruments.

Our Artists

Our artists are in-demand educators, performing artists and arts leaders with the sole vision of bringing Chinese traditional music and culture to the local communities and to the world. Having been trained at top music conservatories in China and the US, our artists can be heard performing on international stages and seen in classrooms working in schools and universities.

2023-2024 Season Artists

Yangqin Zhao
Chair, Executive and Artistic Director

Gangqin Zhao
Music Director

Xiaofeng Zhang Choi

Wan Peng Guo

Thomas Lee

Xian Lu

Strauss Shi

Zhuoming Xu

Li Yun Wang

Shenshen Zhang

Yangqin Zhao
Executive and Artistic Director
(415) 215-7581

Mailing Address:
Yangqin Zhao
450A 2nd Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94118

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