Li Yun Wang 王丽韫

Pipa Virtuoso
Tianjin Conservatory of Music
Chinese National Broadcasting Orchestra in Beijing

An accomplished pipa virtuoso, Ms. Wang graduated from Tianjin Conservatory of Music in 1990 and was then employed by the Chinese National Broadcasting Orchestra in Beijing. In 1978 Ms. Wang was accepted into the Hebei Music Arts School and in 1982 was employed by the Hebei Orchestra as a pipa soloist until she was accepted into Tianjin Conservatory of Music in 1986. Ms. Wang was 1st place overall winner of the Hebei Chinese Instrument Solo competition and in 1987 was the recipient of the Tianjin Outstanding Musician award. Ms. Wang received high acclaim in 1990 for her successful organization of a personal concert performance in Tianjin. From 1990 to 1996 Ms. Wang performed throughout Asia and was included in the Taiwan documentary Bao Dao Xing. Throughout her professional career, Ms. Wang has performed as a recording artist in the film and music industry notably; The Sound of a Voice, Miss Boundless, Kung Fu Panda 4 and a personal solo CD. Ms. Wang moved to the Los Angeles area In 1997 and has been performing, recording and teaching in the region since.

著名琵琶演奏家。1990年毕业于天津音乐学院。曾任中国广播民族乐团琵琶演奏员。自幼学习琵琶。1978年考入河北省艺术学校。1982任河北省歌舞剧院琵琶独奏演员。1986年以优异的成绩考入天津音乐学院。在此期间曾获河北省民族器乐独奏比赛一等奖,天津新人月新人奖。1990年成功的举办了个人独奏音乐会。录制了个人专辑。1992受邀随音乐家小组在台湾巡演,并录制了大型记录片“宝岛行”。在团工作期间曾录制了大量的电影,电视剧的音乐。参加了许多大型的音乐会及春节晚会的演出录制活动。出访了多个国家和地区。1997年移居美国后仍从事民族音乐的演出,教学与传播。参加了大量的演出与录音工作。2003年受Thousand Oak文化艺术节的邀请与著名大提琴演奏家David 合作演出了琵琶与大提琴协奏曲“Three Songs”,受到极大好评。2006年参加了Philip Glass的著名歌剧,“The Sound of a Voice的演出与录制。为UCLA的舞台剧“阿Q”配乐演出。近年来又参加了电影“Miss Boundless 和 Kung Fu Panda 4 的音乐录制。

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