Awards and Grants

Over the years, Melody of China has been a proud recipient of numerous awards and grants, which has provided proper fundings to our educational and performance programs.

Grantees of

National Endowment of the Arts (2006)
Aaron Copland Fund for Music Recording Grant (2010)
California Arts Council Multi-Cultural Entry (1998-2002)
California Arts Council Artists in Schools (2006-2014)
San Francisco Arts Commission Organizational Project Grant (2001-2003)
San Francisco Arts Commission Cultural Equities Grant (1) (2006, 2008, 2012)
Zellerbach Family Foundation Community Arts (2001-2003, 2008-2013)
Grants for the Arts/San Francisco Hotel Fund (1998-2014)
San Francisco Friends of Chamber Music Musical Grant Program (2013)
American Composers Forum Commissioning Program (2013)
Silicon Valley Community Foundation (2007)
Artist Fee Support Program of City of San Jose, California (1998-1999)
Chamber Music America’s Music Performance Program (1998-2000)
Chamber Music America’s Classical Commissioning Grant (2006, 2013)
California Arts Council’s Multi-Arts Residence Program (2003)
California Arts Council Roster of Performing Arts Touring Program (2000-2004)
Creative Work Fund (2004-2005)
The James Irvine Foundation Arts Program (2005-2006)
Meet the Composer 2005 Commissioning Music/USA
Meet the Composer’s Met-Life Creative Connections (2008-2011)