Name: Vicky Jie Ma

Major: Chinese traditional instruments åPipaπ and å Ruanπ

She began her musical study at age of five, initiated by her mother, who was also a Pipa professional. Later she was accepted by Masters Fendi Wang, Dehai Liu, Yuzhong Kuang in Pipa and professor Jiliang Lin in åRuanπ. She has been playing in public both as a soloist and in orchestra since age 8. She loves music and expects to inject new ingredients into rich-cultured Chinese Music.

Education: Bachelor, Tianjin Music Conservatory, Tianjin City, China. 2001

2001 ≠ 2002 Teacher, Music Department at LiaoNing Normal University.

Jan., 2002 Pipa and Ruan Solo Concert in Japan on invitation of Sino-Japan Music Culture Exchange.

Nov., 2000 String Quintet Concert in Tainjin City

Aug., 2000 1st Place, Tianjin City Music Contest (University level)

1998 ≠2001 Pipa First Soloist, The Tianjin Music Conservatory Youth Chinese Music Orchestra


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