Membership: Chinese MusiciansÕ Association, Chinese Nationalities Orchestra Society, and Panel of National Examination Committee of National Instruments

BA degree: Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing (September, 1982 – July, 1986) Employe: Vice-Principle Suona of the Central National Orchestra, Vice-Professor (July 196 present) Awards: April, 1998: Second Prize of Suona Solo of National TV Competition. February, 1987: First Prize of Cantonese Music Performing at Forth Ram City (Guanzhou) Music Festival & Flowers Fair. Publication: CD-YU Zhang Solo Collection. Produced by Beijing Music and Video Record Company. CD-YU Zhang Solo Collection. Guizhou Music & Video Record Company. Research Article. Central Conservatory of Music Magazine-Third Quarter, 1989 . Research article, published on ÒSichuang Conservatory of MusicÓ Magazine-Forth Quarter, 1985

Performances: July, 1999 Performing in Hong Kong and Macho with the Central National Orchestra. May, 1999 Performing in Korean with the Central National Orchestra. February, 1999 Touring Performances at Goldener Sael Wiener Musikvrein in Austria with the Central National Orchestra, Berlin Philharmonic Hall in Germany and Copenhagen Broadcasting Concert Hall. October, 1998 Performed with Chinese National Master Instrumentalists Ensemble in Yugoslavia . September, 1998 & January, 1999 As member of Orchestra Asia, a group formed by national master instrumentalists from China, Japan, Korean, performed in Japan, Korean and China. January, 1998 at Goldener Sael, Musicvrein Wien, Wien and Stefaniensaal, Graz in Austria. September, 1998 Performed in Tokyo, Hitachi, in Japan February, 1997 Touring performances in the San Francisco Bay Area, New York, Washington DC, Chicago, Los Angeles etc. of seventeen cities of the United States with the Central National Orchestra. The group performed with famous cellist Yoyo Ma at Carnegie Hall of New York; Zellerbach Hall of Berkeley, The Music Center of Los Angeles etc. It was first Chinese national orchestra performed in Carnegie Hall. October, 1996 Performed with the Central National Orchestra in Hong Kong. 1995 Performed with the Central National Orchestra in Macho. 1994 Performed at National Concert Hall the Central National Orchestra in Taiwan. 1990 Performed in Victory Concert Hall with the Central National Orchestra in Singapore. 1985 Performed with the TeachersÕ Group of Central Conservatory of Music at Philharmonic Hall in Germany, and The Netherlands, Italy, and Swiss.

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