“Melody of China performs the history, lore and myth of China in song. A truly innovative and dazzling cultural extravaganza!” .. “Melody of China’s music breaks down cultural walls”
San Francisco Chronicle (3/8/02)

“The music cross-pollination of cultures is one of the hall-marks of some of the freshest music being written today. So, perhaps it is fitting that Melody of China should make the biggest and freshest splash”
-Edward Ortiz, Sacramento Bee (11/2/06)

“ provides a powerful, evocative aural environment for the work [with Lines Ballet] which draws heavily on traditional Chinese instrumentation but incorporates Western aleatory and tonal elements”
-Clifton Lemon, San Francisco Station (4/16/07)

“..this San Francisco-based group steadfastly maintains the sound and substance of its large Chinese classical and folk repetoire” -Rebecca Liao, San Francisco Classical Voice (11/5/10)

“Chinese Mythmaking”

“Melody of China has fortunately only sought to present music of its native land in its most honest and unadorned form..”

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