The Music of Gang Situ
Presenting Melody of China
Produced by Melody of China
Recording: Michael Demeyer and David Westby
Mastering: Sirius Sound
The recording was made possible with generous support of the Aaron Copland Fund for Music
copyright © 2013 Melody of China

Track Listing:
1.  Concerto for Erhu, Yangqin and Orchestra   21:52
Jiebing Chen, erhu; Yangqin Zhao, yangqin; Apo Xu conducting The Women’s Philharmonic

Six Images for Quartet x2   21:56
2. Image 1
3. Image 2
4. Image 3
5. Image 4
6. Image 5
7. Image 6
Melody of China and San Francisco Guitar Quartet

Sohn for Guqin and Chinese Chamber Orchestra   10:31
8. Adagio
9. Allegro
Liu Li, guqin and Melody of China